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The ethnic cleansing of Miska


All that is left of the village of Miska : a small piece of the mosque .

It was 66 years ago this month that the Palestinian village of Miska with the ground was made equal. The British journalist and activist Ben White wrote a good article on the Middle East Monitor : From ethnic cleansing to return : a peace process worthy of the name. White has published two introductory books about the discrimination faced by the Palestinians in Israel to contend . Of Israeli Apartheid : A Beginner's Guide this year a new edition . He also lectures in many countries , where he is the Zionist lobby to get behind again.

It is very rewarding to just click through to the article , because there is a great graphic that shows where the inhabitants of Miska all ended . It can symbolize the fate of the entire Palestinian population . As a bonus you also see how many refugee camps are still there , in both the West Bank and Jordan . And there are many more. It could be for people who like to hide behind the argument that it is " so complicated " to themselves but not to delve into the condition . Enlightening The story of a village should be manageable for everyone and you do not just need to know that hundreds of other villages suffered the same fate . Finally , it is important to understand that we are talking about April 1948 , ie before David Ben- Gurion on May 14, the State of Israel cried out , and before there was a war with neighboring Arab countries .

The historian Ilan Pappe describes it as :

And so , on the day the Irgun village Shaykh had cleared , occupied the Haganah , within a week of six villages : Khirbat Azzun was the first , on April 2 , followed by Khirbat Member , Arab al - Fuqara , Arab al- Nufay'at and Damira , all purified on April 10 , and Cherqis followed on the 15th . Khirbat al- Manshiyya , Biyar ' Adas and the large village of Miska - - By the end of the month three villages near Jaffa and Tel Aviv were seized and destroyed. And all this took place before there is only one Arab soldier Palestine was invaded . *

( The Irgun was a Jewish Haganah militia and was the forerunner of the current Israeli army . )

Miska consisted of 100 to 200 houses and only the mosque and a school building remained standing , everything else was the razed . There was not a war situation , this was the official policy of the military to the area to get rid of the Arab population . Of the approximately one thousand inhabitants , most disappeared into refugee camps , only a few managed to stay in the city Tirba in Israel.

And here comes one of the many bizarre constructions of the Jewish state into play . The concept of " present absentees " . Their physical presence was recognized , but the law they were absent . The Absentee 's Property Law of 1950 made ​​it possible to take " were not in place " between November 29, 1947 and May 19, 1948 . All property confiscated from Palestinians And were greeted by a strange coincidence in 1950 for about 800,000 Palestinians no longer in place , most outside the new " borders" of Israel . Of Palestinians who remained in Israel 90 % had to deal with this Kafkaesque law. It is for Israel not to hope that it will ever come . Reparations to

Nowadays there are orchards on the land of Miska , owned by several Jewish settlements . The ruins of the mosque are still there, but the school was demolished in 2007 . Between 1948 and 1953, 95 % of new Jewish communities founded on land that was owned by Palestinians expelled . That Zionists denying other people's suffering have been elevated to art is here once again clear. The settlement Sde Warburg , on the land of what was once Miska , states still coolly on its website that the Haganah village encountered in abandoned state !

The Israeli organization Zochrot ( Remembrance ) has set a target to bring . Palestinian Nakba , or catastrophe to the attention of the Israeli public They do this to make their own history . Awareness through research , mapping the locations , information and publishing information in the hope in Hebrew the Jewish part of the population This is badly needed , since in 2011 the Nakba law was passed, which organizations to somehow receive support from the government , can be used as they allow the commemoration of the Nakba severely punished. Teachers also have to watch out . If they pay attention to the Palestinian side of the case , they risk dismissal.

When it was in 2005 symbolically a few trees planted in the soil of Miska , these were removed by the authorities . Then they went cultural events held in the old school . The authorities then put a fence around the building ( "anti - infiltration measure" ! ) And finally the school was destroyed by bulldozers .

Besides all the legal weapons that Israel has created to make the Palestinians living as sour as possible , we see that it is not permitted to go to traces of their recent past . Looking Palestinians Ben White is correct to the objections to a return of the refugees is not so much a problem of practical considerations - such as the Zionists like to claim - but that the Israeli opposition stems from a deeply ideological conviction .

White still sees the right of return as an inalienable right of the refugees . " The exclusion of the indigenous population of their own country is motivated by the desire to forcibly protect an artificial majority ," said White.

Engelbert Luitsz

* Ilan Pappe , The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine ( The ethnic cleansing of Palestine )

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