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$ 121 billion total U.S. aid to Israel .. Tel Aviv are on their own half of U.S. foreign aid in the world |

Washington and Tel Aviv
Washington Jerusalem dot com - from happy Erekat - A study American modern that "the strong support given to Israel in the U.S. Congress provided it with aid and benefits more than any other country in the world receive U.S. aid ," where are Israel more than half of U.S. foreign aid in general .

The study showed that U.S. aid to Israel is in its entirety , " military aid from the relationship of strategic partnership between the two countries , and to ensure the qualitative superiority of Israel to all the armies of neighboring countries ," pointing out that the total received by Israel of U.S. aid since the end of World War II amounted to 121 billion dollars .

This study was issued for " Congressional Research Service ," the U.S. in mid- April, the current ( 2014 ) under the title " U.S. foreign aid to Israel," which is prepared by an expert specialist in this regard Jeremy Charm .

The study focused on military aid provided by the United States to Israel , which accounts for almost the entire U.S. aid , but it also touched on " the economic aid received by Israel in the form of loan guarantees and assistance for immigrants to Israel and refugees need , in addition to the aid in the field of scientific research and the field of energy " .

The study, " that Israel can use some U.S. aid in research and development within the United States and in order to buy weapons from the Israeli arms industry , as well as the use of cash assistance provided to them for the benefit of funding their purchases from the United States military ."

The study confirmed that Israel has the status not enjoyed by any other country than those that receive U.S. aid " Because of the strong support it enjoys in Congress , Israel can get a full U.S. aid during the first thirty days of the start of the annual budget of the U.S. , while getting other countries to aid it receives from the United States in installments , " as stated in the study.

Although downloads and special treatment enjoyed by Israel , but the study pointed out that " successive U.S. administrations did not agree to some Israeli policies , including the building of settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip before Israel withdraws from it in 2005 ," adding that the non- adoption of successive U.S. administrations that policy did not affect U.S. aid to Israel and its relations with the United States " because many of the officials in U.S. administrations and members of Congress consider Israel a vital partner for the United States in the region , and that U.S. aid to reflect this conviction they have ."

When emerged disagreement between Washington and Tel Aviv on the subject of settlements in the Palestinian territories , try some American officials to use paper U.S. aid provided to Israel as a card to pressure by saying that the United States has provided so far ( at the time) 90 billion dollars in aid to Israel since its inception , is that Israeli Prime Minister former Ariel Sharon , who was the bag housing them at the time, responded , saying : " Israel has provided services to the United States and provided them with the interests outweigh the fold -fold by the United States aid ."

It also touched on the study to the positions of some opponents to provide such assistance who justify their opposition by saying " that the aid provided by the United States to Israel to support purchases of weapons does not guarantee the review and scrutiny of the work of the Israeli military 's controversial conflict with international laws and conventions , specifically the treatment of the Palestinians ."

The study pointed out that there are two teams in the United States with regard to aid to Israel , which is mostly a pro team , and the team shows for such assistance .

And received military aid biggest space within this study , which said "The purpose of providing this aid is to ensure the continuation of Israel's qualitative military superiority on all the armies of the neighboring countries in the region."

The study, "Most U.S. aid to Israel at the present time is in military aid , and this aid has made Israeli forces and one of the military forces advanced technology is high on the level of the world," noting that such aid ( military ) are designed to ensure the preservation of the progress of Israel's military qualitative to all its neighbors and that "this aid also enabled Israel to build local military industry now occupies an important position in the list of the ten largest suppliers of arms in the world."

In the listed joint military aid provided to Israel , touched study agreement ten years , which includes providing help American military to Israel, where according to the study , "The administration of former U.S. President George W. Bush ( Jr. ) and signed with the Israeli government in 2007, the Convention on the United States provides to Israel under which 30 billion U.S. military aid during the period between the 2009 budget and the 2018 budget . "

This agreement allows Israel to " use the 26.3 % of U.S. assistance in the manufacture of equipment and military equipment to strengthen and develop its military industry , in addition to ensuring the continued qualitative military superiority on all its neighbors ."

The study pointed out that the funding of the U.S. military for Israel , as requested by President Barack Obama in the budget for 2015 , more than 55 % of the total funding of the U.S. military outside ( of other countries ), and that this support for Israel represents between 23 % to 25% of the total defense budget Israeli .

Noteworthy that this agreement allows Israel to use part of this funding ( aid ) to purchase weapons from local companies for Israeli arms manufacturer , a feature not enjoyed by any other country in the world than those that receive military aid from the United States .

The study pointed out that this feature is supported by Congress and successive U.S. administrations , because "the local Israeli military industry and strong is vital to ensure Israel's qualitative military superiority ." Also, this feature also " Israel has made it a major source of the weapon until the U.S. Army itself , which has become the industry uses weapons of Israel."

Thanks to this status enjoyed by Israel to the United States , addressed the study to the Declaration of the United States and Israel in 2010 over Israel's decision to buy 19 aircraft (F-35) fighter in the amount of 2.75 billion dollars , noting that Israel will pay the full amount of funding guarantees the military , which has provided the United States .

The study stated that Israel might buy in the future more of these aircraft (F-35) , bringing the total number to 75 aircraft valued at 15.2 billion dollars.

As part of the deal planes (F-35) as stated in the study , the United States has agreed to buy Israeli arms worth four billion dollars.

The study stated that the company (Elbit Systems) for the Israeli military industry and its partner, the American ( Rockwell Kollner ) obtained in 2013 a contract for the manufacture of the helmet used by pilots of all aircraft (F-35).

The study showed that the plane (F-35) is the latest U.S. warplanes industry which is the most important aircraft ever in terms of technological advances in the organs.

The study also considered support provided by the United States to Israel in order to design and develop programs and missile defense systems in common, so as to ensure qualitative superiority of the Israeli military and enable them to cope with the threat posed by Iran and Syria , with their missiles Blastaih .

Turning to the study of American weapons stockpiles in Israel for emergencies .

And reviewed the conditions and restrictions laid down by the United States to Israel for use of U.S. weapons that you get within the military aid , etc., and is limited to use for the purposes of " legitimate self-defense " , is that the study did not address Israel's disregard of these restrictions and conditions .

Did not affect the " controversy " that was sometimes appear between the parties in this regard, the continued flow of U.S. aid to Israel militarily and economically .

And on the export of Israel for its military industries to a third party , an industry used its money and American technology , the study said that " Israel has become a source of global defense industry ," pointing to the occurrence of differences between the United States and Israel because of the transfer and export of weapons and military technology U.S. to a third country , and specifically to China .

The study said that the United States has succeeded in the application of the restrictions imposed by Israel in this regard , which halted all Israeli arms sales to China almost .

And devoted study is part of the loan guarantees is not in the military field , but also in the economic field and scientific and medical research and education , and cooperation in the field of energy, the study cited the figures as presented by the United States assistance in these areas , which also included the help of new Jewish immigrants to Israel .

This study ignored the fact that U.S. aid to immigrants to Israel , I went especially for those coming from Russia ( former Soviet Union ) who have been resettled in settlements built by Israel continues to build on the West Bank .