Friday, February 14, 2014


The French multinational Veolia is a global priority in the fight against companies that profit from the Israeli occupation of Palestine . In the Netherlands, Veolia contested . After successes in the region of The Hague and Utrecht ( where Veolia awarding public transport lost ) , we had last December to watch a ten-year concession Veolia managed to win in Brabant . Let that was the last place where Veolia gets a foothold .

At present , attention is given to the provinces of Zeeland and Limburg and the Haarlem / Ijmond region where procurement of public transport are in preparation. The collective CITIZENS AGAINST VEOLIA opposes admission of Veolia to tender . In all relevant places will do so by registered letter of protest to the responsible administrative layer , is applied in the treatment of talk , and insisted that the program of requirements is expanded with the current assessment frameworks for CSR and OECD. In all its actions and utterances suggests CITIZENS AGAINST VEOLIA the application of International Law .

By signing this petition you pronounce your support for Citizens Against Veolia , and your co -signer of the written calls the collective does to the responsible authorities. Whenever a letter goes out , the signatories who have signed . Themselves up to that time The latest letter , with the dispatch February 16, 2014 , can be read below.

Zeeland Provincial Council

The attention of the members of the Committee of Economics and Transportation

balance 25

PO Box 6001

4330 LA Middelburg

Strong appeal of Citizens Against Veolia Provincial

Ladies and Gentlemen ,

Through this letter do undersigned - united under the name of Citizens Against Veolia - urge your committee to (one of its associated companies or ) to ward off the planned tender procedure for the provincial public transport , the French multinational Veolia . Hereby we send you the concise substantiation of this urgent appeal . We are willing to further , at all times, or oral presentation .

Thanks for your attention ,

and best regards ,



Based on the following basis the collective Citizens Against Veolia insists that Veolia is excluded from the proposed procurement process on behalf of the provincial public transport .

1. The occupation of Palestine is illegal , the settlements are illegal

Inevitably, this argument begins with the observation that long since June 1967 occupation of the Palestinian territories is illegal by Israel , and that Israel was founded in occupied territory are illegal settlements . In March 2013 , the Advisory Council on International Affairs (AIV ) confirmed this finding abound in its report " Between Word and Deed ." The report provides an overview of the relevant international legal argumentation , resolutions and judgments , and discusses the responsibilities arising therefrom for the Dutch government , institutions and businesses . The Advisory Council also points out that as to the illegal nature of the occupation and the settlements policy ( colonization ) , and the fact that the termination is a prerequisite for peace in the region . Consensus within the international community Said differently : relations with the occupation not only violate international law , they hinder arguably the peace.

2. Veolia violates international law , including human rights

The above finding is important to be able to pass on the French multinational Veolia , which may ( possibly through an affiliated company ) will want to participate in the tender announced by the provincial bus a judgment. Veolia is through diverse , well-documented activities involved ( facilitating ) the occupation of the Palestinian West Bank , including East Jerusalem . The company is thus flagrantly breach of international law , including human rights . Veolia has been convicted by numerous authoritative organizations , and called upon to give its interests. Occupancy unceremoniously After more than ten years of urging , and numerous broken promises , patience is exhausted with the company.

3. The world draws the hands of the occupation and the actors involved

That exhaustion does not stand alone . World comes to an end an era of tolerating the occupation . That process is fully visible in the policy as the Dutch , British and German governments , and in the sharp measures that the EU is working to install . Industry also - after years of hesitation - working to onvlechten occupancy. In early January reported pension manager PGGM have reduced because of their involvement in the occupation of Palestine . Investment in five Israeli banks PGGM announced yet with some other companies about their role in the occupation interview - which reportedly Veolia . In December water company Vitens severed his relationship with the Israeli Mekorot . Earlier Royal Haskoning / DHV withdrew from a project in East Jerusalem , and joined Unilever factory in Israeli-occupied territories .

It is striking that PGGM breaks with companies involved in the occupation of Palestine , regardless of whether the relationship is directly related to it . PGGM states that it has not proved possible to establish between his relationship with a company , and that company 's involvement in the occupation a wall. This same consideration applies to Veolia .

Finally, it is important to note the growing role of international civil society , who is returning . Itself in all its forms against the Israeli occupation of Palestine This development focuses specifically on Veolia , in more and more parts of the world is seen . Socially unacceptable business Veolia can look forward to an intensive campaign in 2014 , which for the first time , the bourgeoisie will be activated widely.

4. The importance of the citizen : no unsuspecting aid to a company that violates human rights

Unnecessarily, we underline the importance of the citizens , who may become dependent on the services of Veolia . The question is whether there amused that their spending end up with a company that violates human rights ( among other things) . The answer is predictable : Of course not . The bus passenger relies rightly that are selected by the government carrier international law and respects human rights . He will also assume that his government is in the year 2014 moves within the frameworks and standards of Corporate Social Responsibility , OECD and UN rules , and operates within the spirit and meaning of Article 90 ( ff ) of the Constitution , which our role with regard to international law enshrined . Should the province that trust can not answer , then the citizen a demonstrable interest to be informed about the status of Veolia . Timely and adequate