Friday, February 14, 2014

I have a question Norwegian doctor working in a large Norwegian University Hospital .

Since 1981 I work for the Palestinians , where I do my best to support them in disastrous situations . Their medical system If anesthesiologist and intensive care specialist , I worked in the Al Shifa hospital in Gaza City during the massacre in December 2008 - January 2009 ( " Operation Cast Lead " ) , and during the most recent massacre in November 2012 ( "Operation Cloud Column " ) .

I wish there had been during these terrible times to see which was caused by the Israeli forces . Brutal killing you The majority of the wounded , the dying and the DOA [ Dead on Arrival ] victims who came to the Al Shifa hospital were civilians . Hundreds of children were slain , thousands were injured . During the attack on Gaza in 2008-2009, about 1,400 Palestinians were slain in just three weeks . 13 - Thirteen - Israelis were slain , 10 of them were soldiers , five were killed by friendly fire .

Just the violent , repeated disproportionality of the violence that was used in these numbers is expressed by Israel of killed and injured , absolutely innocent Palestinian civilians - you should refrain from doing a gig in Israel . Add to that the Gaza Strip is in fact a children's prison : the average age of the 1.7 million Palestinians trapped is 17.6 years , almost 60 % of the population is 18 or younger . They can really hide nowhere , nowhere, because the entire siege and blockade of the Gaza Strip . Israeli drones , F- 16s , Apache helicopters , warships , all the power of the fourth military power in the world keeps occupied Palestine in his iron fist , and with the brave , but so painful to the test people asked . Add to the massacre and the murders still oppression to the malnutrition of the population, caused slow , completely banning people rebuilding schools , housing , energy and water - all this and much more is going on while I can write these words . All this is done with the full support of your U.S. government , through whom you will be as a spokesperson and supporter if you decide to act in Israel seen.

I have always had the greatest respect for you , Mr. Young , as a special activist and a tremendous source of inspiration and strength for my own limited attempts to save . Put a dent in the shit

Please, Mr. Young , save yourself the big mistake of a gig in Israel . You will , despite your good intentions , are seen as a defender of the occupying state of Israel if it gives you concerts. If you do not require an action , such as the Norwegian singer Moddi has done just that too will be a firm handshake and a memorable act of solidarity with the tried but resilient people of occupied Palestine .

With respect and solidarity ,

Mads Gilbert ( Professor / Doctor ) , Tromsoe , Norway

PS if you want to read about the impact of the violent Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip , more please read these articles I along with some medical colleagues wrote :
"Inside Al Shifa Hospital " in The Lancet .
" Patient flow and medical consequences of the Israeli operation Pillar of Defence : a retrospective study . " In The Lancet .