Monday, January 27, 2014

NSA data collection through applications for smartphones

After the revelations about the collection of metadata telephone , SMS recovery or monitoring platforms for online games , new documents provided by former consultant Edward Snowden reveal even more the scope of activities of the NSA surveillance .

According to the New York Times and The Guardian, which is based on these documents, whenever someone uses an application on his smartphone , this program shows amount of data on the location of the user or list contacts , data that the U.S. intelligence agency (NSA) and its British counterpart GCHQ recover under their vast collection programs .

A report quoted by the daily notes as well as any updates to the Android operating system on the network sends 500 lines of data on the history of the smartphone and its use of data collected by intelligence agencies . Dozens of applications , Facebook, Flickr , LinkedIn, and Twitter in mind, are concerned.

$ 767 million

Faced with these new revelations, the NSA has entrenched itself behind its usual defense by stating that " the communications of people who are not valid foreign targets are not interested in the NSA ."

For 2007 alone , the U.S. agency would spent $ 767 million to this program, four times more than the previous year , according to another document cited by the New York Times.

Two papers published by the New York Times