Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Apple : between record and decline for the iPhone, Mac stands out

  • iPhone 5s

   In addition to its purely financial results, Apple revealed yesterday sales figures for its first quarter fiscal 2014. IPhone and iPad recorded new personal records and Mac take a new impetus while the iPod are neglected .
The iPhone sign a record but loses ground
Current October to December, the first fiscal quarter Apple includes not only the parties but especially this year the launch of several major products : the iPhone 5s , 5c iPhone , iPad and iPad Mini Air Retina .
    The market for smartphones and tablets is growing globally.  Unsurprisingly, Apple sales recorded new records with these new products. The manufacturer has passed 51 million iPhones in three months, against 47.8 million a year earlier . This is the second after Samsung to exceed 50 million units in the quarter.
   This is still lower than the forecasts of analysts , who were expecting more than 55 million, and with less than the smartphone market (12.9 against 38.5% according to IDC ) growth. Apple probably pays its elitism : we expected a low cost iPhone, well below the 610 euros 5c , so that competitors have shot them out of the game Besides Samsung , which remains comfortably number one with 314 million units sold , Apple pursuers, renowned for their terminals to a good relationship price / performance recorded growth significantly higher , between 67.5 and 91.7 %. The share of Apple's market would be increased from 18.7 to 15.3 % in one year .

  •    The iPad and Mac thwart predictions

IPad have meanwhile passed 26 million units last quarter, against 22.9 million the previous year. If the increase is 14 % by volume, it is only 7% of revenue , which tends to prove the success of cheaper products , since Apple has not lowered the price of its products.
   Mac meanwhile are a snook at the computer market . While the latter is down 6 % , Apple sold 19% more units in the first quarter of 2013.

  •    The beginning of the end for the iPod?

   Finally iPods are plummeting. They have passed only 6 million copies in the first quarter of 2014 , against 12.7 million a year earlier , more than half ( 52% ) . This decline can be explained by the non-renewal of Apple players for over a year as well as the joint development of smartphones and online music services such as Spotify and Deezer . However, the division iTunes , Apple software and services continues to grow.