Saturday, April 12, 2014

sraeli official : an agreement subject to the release of prisoners 48 |


Netanyahu's government
Gaza - Jerusalem dot com - private translation - expressed an Israeli official , on Saturday evening , the belief that all parties will not succeed in reaching any agreement with the Palestinians, but to achieve the release of prisoners in 48 .

The channel quoted the Hebrew Second , for the same charge as saying " there will be no agreement were not released because of Israeli Arabs ."

As Tzipi Livni said , "We can not in any way accept that others dictate their failure on the political process ." In reference to statements made by the President of the Jewish Home Party, " Naftali Bennett ."

The channel said that the dilemma taking place in Israel, the possibility of the disintegration of the coalition government if the negotiations succeed and felt that the sanctions against the Palestinian Authority unfortunate and not helpful .

In an interview with the same channel , said Minister of the Environment , " Amir Peretz, " that there is no alternative in front of the Israeli government only progress in the peace process , accusing the Jewish Home party of " hypocrisy." Adding, " Why is this the only party that opposes the debate about the prisoners , supposed that they are fighting for the freedom of Pollard , but they in fact are going because they remain in prison."

"The time has come for Netanyahu decide whether this government is a government of Yemeni extremist , or they will continue the peace process and be a government of peace."

He stressed that the party " Movement " , which belongs to will not accept to be a partner in the Yemeni government extremist and continue in the government do not want the peace process , saying, " We will fight until the last moment to continue this process .. Tzipi Livni fighting a war unparalleled for peace ."