Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Netanyahu ordered to cut ties with the Palestinian Authority |

Ramallah - Jerusalem  - translation by Ghassan Sweetness - site said: " The non- " the Hebrew news that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ORDERED TO STOP the civil and economic cooperation with the Palestinian Authority,  because of the crisis in the negotiations between the two parties .

It said that Netanyahu ordered his government ministries NOT TO  hold any meetings with the Palestinians.

He explained that the decision does not include the Ministry of the army of occupation,  or the continued contact between the two parties in the context of political negotiations.

According to the Hebrew news that Israeli Prime Minister instructed Coordinator areas Yoav Mordechai preparing a series of steps that will touch directly with officials of the Palestinian Authority in case the power went again to the international organization .

Among the steps mentioned by restricting their movement and the withdrawal of cards the VIP of them , which he considered the site as a slam dunk , in addition to the collection of receivables fuel companies , and the electricity company , or any other entitlements of dues taxes that are levied in favor of the Palestinians , and restricting the movement of businessmen , and the postponement of economic projects .

In the same context , the newspaper " Haaretz " on its website that the Israeli government secretary Avijaa Mendel Blait held Wednesday morning , round of telephone conversations with the ministers of the Israeli government, which briefed them on the new regulations .

The newspaper added that Mendel Blait explained to those who need to contact them to STOP all meetings between senior officials in government ministries , with the Palestinians, including ministers and directors-general , and in response to the unilateral decision of the Palestinians to go to UN institutions .

He, Mendel Blait. said that according to these instructions , it can continue in government ministries contact with the Palestinians over the leaders in the field of low -level only .

According to the newspaper , the new regulations exclude both the Secretary of the judiciary Tzipi Livni in charge of the file of negotiations with the Palestinians , in addition to all security authorities in the Ministry of the army of occupation -related such as the army and so-called affairs coordinator areas in the ministry.