Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hassan Yousef: Hamas could agree to a peace agreement

Ramallah - Jerusalem dot com - said Sheikh Hassan Yousef , the Hamas leader , " said the group would agree to a peace agreement between the Authority and Israel provided the final withdrawal from the West ," according to the newspaper ( Times of Israel ) .

He added in an interview with Sheikh Yousef told the newspaper : "It is our right to object to the agreement which will be signed by President Mahmoud Abbas , but I stress that we will agree on the results of the referendum and the opinion of the majority ."

He said Hamas leader that "if Israel agreed to the rights of the Palestinian people and agreed to establish a Palestinian state with full sovereignty like any other country, there will be peace , but so far Israel has refused to recognize the right of the Palestinian people . , Movement agree on the idea of ​​establishing a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with full sovereignty . "

Yousef said , from his office in Ramallah , said Hamas was ready to give up on the attacks against Israel and the signing of a truce if Israel agreed to a cease-fire .

He said Joseph was " before reaching any agreement with Israel should be reconciliation ," accusing the authority to arrest 50 members of Hamas .

And on the election , Yousef said his movement " is ready to hold elections , but in a good atmosphere after the Authority for the release of political prisoners and the reopening of the offices of Hamas and to return the Legislative Council to work ( .. ) I repeat, Hamas will accept the outcome of the elections in the West Bank and Gaza in the event has Reconciliation " .