Monday, March 24, 2014

Eyewitnesses Revoke Israeli Story About Killing of the two Palestinians Zuaiter and Darweesh

by Maher Awawdeh/Ministry of Information
As Usual, Israeli Occupation Government keep telling lies about its crime in killing two Palestinian young People, to justify the killing mentality that it has.
"Saji Sayel Darwesh" is a young Palestinian (18 years old), he is a graduate program student at Birzait University, was killed by Israeli soldiers on March, 10th,2014 while he was standing in front of his family house in " Beteen Village", East of Ramallah where the Israeli settlement " Gevat Assaf" is located .
Also another Palestinian Young "Raed Zaiter" 38 Years Old was shot by Israeli soldiers on Monday, March,10th,2014 while he was crossing (AL Karamah border crossing) coming from Jordan- Amman to Palestine. Zaiter, a Palestinian carrying Jordanian nationality, works as a judge at the Jordanian Magistrate Court.
Eyewitness Affidavits:
The Judge "Raed Zuaiter"
One witness said that one of the Israeli soldiers on AL Karamah crossing border pushed the Judge Zuater away without any reason, just to force him into getting on the bus, after that Zuater fell down on the floor, then stood up and started yelling at the solder, at the same time another soldier pushed him again, but Judge Zuaiter again stood up and tried to defend himself, but the Israeli bullets were faster than him, 3 bullets landed in his chest after an Israeli soldier shoot him; after that Israeli soldiers left him bleeding for more than 30 minutes, they didn't allow any of the passengers, all of whom were Palestinians, to assist the bleeding victim.
The victim Saji Darweesh"
Most of "Beteen Village" citizens said that the victim "Saji" was killed by an Israeli settler; since the Israeli "Givat Assaf Settlement" is close to the victim's family house and that refutes what Israeli solders claimed before alleging that he was killed by an Israeli soldier.
Eye witnesses said that the "Saji" was looking after his horse in a field beside his home, where, suddenly there was an Israeli settler who was driving; he stopped his car and got off and shot "Saji" before leaving the scene. Israeli soldiers who were deployed in the town after the crime, moved "Saji's body to a point close to the Assaf Settlement , they claimed that he was throwing stones at the settlement and for that they killed him.