Thursday, March 6, 2014

Escalation Continues… Israel Razes Land in Bethlehem’s Village

Israeli authorities razed a land near Solomon's Pools in the village of Ertas, south of Bethlehem.
It's worth noting that the Israeli authorities evacuated a week ago a military watchtower that was built on the land, to return yesterday and start razing the 102 dunums of Palestinian land, belonging to Abu Sway family.
In a different context, Israeli occupation forces handed on Thursday residents in Ethna village, west of Hebron, notices to stop construction on their lands.
Mayor of Ethna municipality, Hashem al-Tumaizi, said that the village is always exposed to Israeli demolitions and harassments, adding that the policy that is implemented by the Israeli authorities aims at deporting the residents from their homes.
Al-Tumaizi called on the governmental institutions and international community to protect and support these areas.