Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stop ethnic cleansing in the Central African Republic

Stop ethnic cleansing in the Central African Republic
Burning and looting of Muslim property and a mosque in PK 26 area, north of the capital Bangui in late January. © Amnesty International
Right now, Anti-balaka militias are carrying out violent attacks in an effort to ethnically cleanse Muslims in the Central African Republic. These attacks have resulted in a Muslim exodus of historic proportions.
One of the deadliest attacks was on 18 January where at least 100 Muslims were killed, including women and old men.
International peacekeeping troops need to step up their operations to effectively protect civilians, in particular the country’s remaining Muslim communities.
The urgency of the situation demands an immediate response.
Actions taken

Take Action

Demand the African Union act immediately to bring an end to this ethnic cleansing

Peacekeeping forces need your support

I urge you to take immediate steps to ensure international peacekeeping operations (MISCA) in Central African Republic are supported to protect civilians effectively and stop the forced exodus of Muslim communities.
The African Union must:
• Ensure the peacekeeping forces are utilized in the most effective manner, in particular, positioned in areas where civilians are most in need of protection.
• Provide sufficient resources to the peacekeeping forces to enhance their capacity to rapidly deploy in all regions of the country.
• Put in place the necessary mechanisms to ensure that peacekeeping forces do not in any way participate in the commission of human rights abuses and all allegations of involvement are promptly investigated.