Tuesday, February 18, 2014

International Companies Drop Out of an Israeli Ports Tender

Three leading international companies have decided to drop out of an Israeli bidding to build private seaports due to concerns over the political repercussions and as a result of the increased boycott pressure on Israel, Haaretz reported.
The Israeli government published last week an international bid to build new seaports in Haifa and Ashdod. According to Haaretz, several companies submitted a proposal for the bid, but they dropped out shortly thereafter.
The newspaper said that the Royal Boskalis Westminster, a Dutch operator of ports has first dropped out from the bidding, then followed by Italy's Condote de Agua and Jan De Nul from Belgium.
Israel Finance Minister Yair Lapid related to the boycott issue Monday as saying that if current peace talks with the Palestinian collapse, it will be "nothing less than devastating" to the welfare of Israeli citizens.