Sunday, January 12, 2014

Why taxis are on strike Monday

A minority of taxi ( less than one third ) must show in Paris on Monday to protest against the rise in VAT and competition of passenger vehicles with drivers. These taxis employees.
Operation escargot . Part of taxis is willing to block the streets of the capital Monday , responding to the call to strike five unions of taxi drivers (CFDT, CGT , FO, and SDCTP CST) in Paris and in several major cities defend their jobs threatened by them by the "unfair competition" car with driver.

The appointment is fixed at 6 am Monday. Then, two processions leave Paris airports Roissy and Orly around 8am to converge towards the Invalides. Gatherings are also advertised in Marseille , Bordeaux, Montpellier and Lyon.

About a taxi strike on 3

According to AFP, the organizers expect a thousand taxis in Paris, and more than 5,000 according to France Info . Which would amount to a mobilization of less than a taxi driver three , the number of licenses being a little over 17,000 in Paris .

But beware, there are taxi and taxi. Indeed those who are called to demonstrate on Monday were employees taxis. Artisans , they will not be in the game. " We do not have the same demands ," says one to the National Federation of Artisans of the taxi. They thus sent a letter to Jean- Marc Ayrault, setting an ultimatum to 15 January . They await the government's response before acting.

Against the VAT increase

Among the reasons for the discontent of taxis : the increase in VAT on the transport of 7 to 10% on 1 January. Also unions are demanding they return to a tax of 5.5% .

Most importantly, the main topic of " frustration " is the proliferation of cars with drivers ( VTC ) . Mid-2013 , there were in the hexagon near VTC 5300 companies operating more than 9,800 vehicles, while the number of taxis exceeds 50,000. In their pamphlet , they denounce the " multinational VTC ", " true lobby destroying our jobs." According Nordine Dahmane , general secretary of FO- taxis quoted by AFP , " the cup is full ."

Competition VTC deemed " unfair "

Without light signage, these vehicles can be reserved for a race but do not have in theory the right to pick up passengers on the fly in the street. Taxis accuse operate without reservation , including outputs airports, and therefore denounce unfair competition.

However, to ease employers' federations taxi , a decree imposed since January 1 VTC with a 15-minute delay between booking and management . But this government arbitration was not enough to appease the unions , who demand more stringent regulations ( minimum run of 60 euros , 30 minute delay between booking and management , gel licenses ) .

The problem of prices

On the other hand, companies VTC ( Uber, Driver- , etc. . ) Are upwind against the decree. Some even before the Council of State , as of AlloCab . Com.

Still, for the CEO Taxiloc , the period of 15 minutes is a " false debate " . The main problem is the setting of tariffs. In this regard, the Inter also request the opening of a " national negotiations " on the tariff conditions, in particular the transport of patients , partly operated by taxis.