Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Netanyahu loves his not so kosher son.

Benjamin Netanyahu at the Wailing Wall with his son Yair ( in the background ) and Avner 2013.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin ( Bibi ) Netanyahu believed , for once, be diplomatic when speaking to his Norwegian counterpart , the Davos summit , the "rapprochement" between their two peoples. He did not speak of economic and political exchanges, but emotional : his son Yair , 23, has a love affair with a blond Norwegian , Sandra Leikanger student in Tel Aviv.

Netanyahu, who himself had married his second wife , in 1981, a non-Jewish English - they divorced in 1984 - does not see the problem. But ultrareligieux his coalition woke reading Norwegian Press ( which publishes a photo of the couple ) , upset at the idea that the son of Israeli Prime Minister had an affair with a " goy " instead of s' worry , for example, the growing isolation of Israel internationally . Or other hazards that may endanger the Jewish state .

"This is a big problem , said emphatically a member of the Shas party, ultra-Orthodox , the Jerusalem Post.En as Prime Minister of Israel and the Jewish people , it must display a national responsibility through the values ​​it defends in his own home " translation: . maintain parentage , Judaism is transmitted through the mother. The more extremist Levah party , nationalist , ordered his son to force Netanyahu to break with the Norwegian, even speaking of a possible " destruction of the Jewish people " if the young man marries a non-Jew .

Impossible civil marriage

Beyond the ultra-religious circles and extreme right , the news did not cause the earthquake in Israel. Netanyahu has made no comment, and his predecessor, Ehud Olmert, Ariel Sharon dolphin , passing through Paris , said that " young people have the right to love who they want ."

The ruling coalition will not collapse despite the cries of horror ultras . It remains a real technical problem if Netanyahu wants junior one day marry his girl -friend . There is no civil marriage in Israel - a country founded by a secular yet left. Religious parties block any change in the status of marriage despite numerous attempts to change the law . Mixed couples of different religions , or allergic to rabbis , priests and imams should get married in Cyprus. Or convert to Judaism , long and complex process , the Jewish religion does not encourage proselytizing .

Screenshot of site " Dagen " capture showing the son Netanyahu and his Norwegian girlfriend .

Screenshot of site " Dagen " capture showing Yair Netanyahu and his girlfriend Sandra .