Tuesday, December 24, 2013

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED for Edward Snowden, and now like in IRAQ, the fighting starts.

December 24, 2013

This is a rare event and easily forgives the Washington Post have played on the standard atmosphere spy movie . Meet Edward Snowden , the whistleblower behind cascading revelations about the actions of the NSA, six months after the beginning of the scandal ... That deserves a bit of staging.

The interview worth the time to understand a little better the mindset of Snowden . The human side , in fact. His "mission" . Because for the whistleblower , it is indeed a mission. And it was carried out :

"In my opinion , in terms of personal satisfaction , the mission is already accomplished . I've already won . Starting when journalists were able to do their job, everything I tried to do was validated . "

"Improving the NSA "

The rest of the interview focuses more on the role of Snowden and his relationship with the NSA. When he worked there , and now. You do not learn it necessarily much, but it is a beautiful showpiece Christmas Eve . With , 2014 , agencies are more respectful of civil liberties intelligence ? Even . That said, the selected song :

" I'm not trying to knock the NSA earth. I work to improve the NSA. Today, I still work for the NSA actually. But these are the only ones not realize it. "