Saturday, December 7, 2013

Central African Republic or CAR, The French response is praised but uncertain

Bangui Central .
   In deciding to engage in a delicate military operation to secure the Central , France returns once more in a country where it has repeatedly switches the course of history , without ever reaching a lasting improvement.
   Today, the situation is serious in the Central African Republic (CAR ) . Confessional turn of events raises fears the worst. In Bangui and the provinces, 5 days Thursday and Friday, December 6 was a rare violence. Most victims did not die in battle , they were slaughtered in the context of retaliation and revenge. And the rest of the country comes to chaos , terror and religious hatred.
   It is not too late to act . CAR is certainly already plagued by the terrible scourge of murder neighborhood . Military action short , a wing beat Sangaris , this butterfly which gave its name to the French operation , can alone cause the chain reaction to extirpate hearts accumulated hatred . But if you want to save what can still be saved , there is urgency.
   The ambitions of France, to help secure the country and allow humanitarian aid to be delivered are not questionable . Nevertheless, the implementation of a military operation and the political result from them may be more complicated than the vote of a UN resolution .
   Today, before thinking about the reconstruction of a state become ghostly, the more difficult for French soldiers identify the enemy, and how to apprehend . The militia of the former Seleka , this movement of former rebels responsible for violent reprisals , defend a regime born of a coup. But the international community , and especially the sponsors of the region - Chad and Congo Brazzaville - have hitherto chosen to accompany this power in a transitional period although nebulous , which should lead to elections, in theory February 2015.
   The opposing camp - villagers angered by abuses or military decided to overthrow the transitional government - has also committed terrible crimes. But a significant part of the population supports it.
   Besides the technical difficulties of operation to include, with pan-African force , about 5,000 men for more than France , the former colonial power states today do not want to invest directly in the political settlement this crisis. France wants to leave as soon as possible instead to the United Nations, which in recent years have not been particularly well informed in their actions to the Central African Republic. The crisis was not born with the overthrow Bozizé , March 24 . Dereliction of the State, the rigged elections , the security drift, humanitarian tragedy , had begun much earlier .
    Action certainly beneficial, French and African troops to halt the decay of the CAR can not solve all the problems of this country located at the crossroads of several areas of conflict in Darfur to the Great Lakes . CAR needs a strong political support, involvement over time. To hope for a better future.