Monday, December 2, 2013

Amnesty International: Blockade on Gaza Must Be Stopped

Amnesty International called on Israeli authorities to cease the blockade on Gaza, as the besieged enclave has been suffering severe fuel and power shortages, Press TV reports.
The human rights organization said Sunday, “Israel must immediately lift its blockade on the Gaza Strip, including by allowing the delivery of fuel and other essential supplies into the territory without restrictions.” 
Gaza’s sole power plant was forced to shut down last month due to the shortage of fuel.
“This latest harsh setback has exacerbated the assault on the dignity of Palestinians in Gaza and the massive denial of rights they have experienced for more than six years because of Israel’s blockade, together with restrictions imposed by Egypt,” Philip Luther, the Middle East and North Africa director at Amnesty International, told Press TV. 
Luther added that the blockade “has collectively punished Gaza’s population in violation of international law.” 
“The power plant shutdown has further affected all aspects of daily life, and the Israeli authorities must lift the blockade immediately, starting by allowing urgently needed fuel supplies into the Strip and working with all relevant parties to avert a prolonged humanitarian crisis this winter.”