Friday, November 1, 2013

IDEO . United States : one dead and seven wounded in a shootout at the airport in Los Angeles


Published on 01.11.2013 , 6:50 p.m. | Updated: 9:46 p.m.

 The Los Angeles International Airport ( LAX southwest United States ) was being evacuated Friday after a shootout that would have left several people injured , according to police and the U.S. Agency for transportation safety.
A shooting left one person dead and seven injured Friday in Los Angeles ( LAX southwestern USA) International Airport. A security guard from the airport which was not in service died of his injuries after being hit by a bullet assault rifle, while six injured were admitted to the hospital , one in critical condition . The gunman, a young resident of Los Angeles , 23, was also wounded by gunfire , before being arrested and placed in custody . He acted alone.

In the first tweet around 9:30 local time ( 5:30 p.m. French time), the communication service from the airport reports an incident "in progress" in the terminal 3 and the presence of on-site law enforcement .

A few minutes later , the local branch of ABC showed the evacuation of several wounded, and the arrival on site of a large number of armed police . Travelers present in Terminal 3 were evacuated by bus and transferred to an area out of danger.

VIDEO . The Los Angeles airport evacuated after a shooting

The gunman entered 9:20 into the terminal dressed lattice and pulled an assault rifle from his bag before pulling security officers at the airport. He was wounded in the leg before being arrested and placed in custody . The investigators found a bag in his hand written note "

The area around the airport was closed to traffic while all flights were canceled until police end search the premises . A hundred witnesses were already questioned by the police in mid- day. The investigation was turned over to the FBI .

( "There 's something crazy to LAX ! People running around. We have to be evacuated . ")

(" A suspect in custody . Several victims . 11:30 Press Conference . ")

(" Inside the terminal at LAX , the weapon could have been used at the foot of a police officer . ")

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