Friday, October 18, 2013

The drone attacks by the CIA owes much to the NSA

RTBF .BE Les attaques de drones par la CIA doivent beaucoup à la NSA

The drone attacks by the CIA owes much to the NSA


The American intelligence agency NSA is involved in drone attacks in the United States against Al Qaeda presented so far as the work of the CIA alone , says the Washington Post , citing documents of the old Edward Snowden consultant.
The digital surveillance by the National Security Agency (NSA) has helped to locate an official of Al- Qaeda , Hassan Ghul , then killed in a U.S. drone attack in Pakistan in 2012 , the newspaper said .

The controversial U.S. drone campaign against President Al- Qaeda had been made so far as the work of the only CIA, the Central Intelligence Agency charged with spying outside the United States. The NSA is specifically responsible for monitoring and decoding encrypted messages.

An operation has been launched against Hassan Ghul thanks to an email from his wife , intercepted by the NSA.

The United States has never publicly confirmed cause of death of Mr. Ghul , but according to documents sent to Mr. Snowden Washington Post, he was killed last year by the United States.

The NSA said that his work was "to discover and develop information on foreign intelligence targets , like terrorists, human traffickers and drug dealers "

The Washington Post said it had deliberately omitted to publish more information about these so-called of " targeted killings " missions at the request of officials concerned of the consequences of information publication on their operations.

Currently refuge in Russia , Edward Snowden revealed vast and secret U.S. surveillance programs by the NSA .