Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saudi Arabia slams the door of the Security Council of the UN

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Saudi Arabia slams the door of the Security Council of the UN
Published on 19.10.2013, 8:51

To protest the attitude of the United Nations response to the Syrian crisis , Saudi Arabia has refused to enter the Security Council as non-permanent member . The first time since the creation of the organization in 1945. | ( AFP )

A first in the history of the UN . Saudi Arabia has refused to enter the Security Council of the UN as a non-permanent member . A strong gesture to protest against the " failure " of the board against the Syrian drama . Saudi Arabia was elected with 176 votes of the 193 members of the Assembly for a period of two years along with Chad, Chile, Nigeria and Lithuania.

In a statement, the Saudi Foreign Ministry criticized the policy of " two weights, two measures " of the institution in the Middle East . "Saudi Arabia has no option but to refuse to join the Security Council until it is reformed and given him the means to fulfill his duty and incur responsibility for maintaining peace and security in the world, " he added.

Support of the rebellion in Bashar al-Assad in Syria , Riyadh believes that " to allow the regime in Syria to kill his people and burning with chemical weapons in the full knowledge of the world without dissuasive sanctions clear evidence of the impotence of the security Council to fulfill its duty and its responsibilities . " In late September, during the session of the General Assembly of the UN, Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al -Faisal had already refused to speak to the podium to protest against the inertia of the Security Council against the situation in Syria . The kingdom had called on the international community to take "effective measures " to stop the bloodshed in Syria, where violence has been , according to a Syrian NGO , more than 115 000 deaths .

In addition , Saudi Arabia regrets that the Council has "failed" to rid the Middle East of weapons of mass destruction, "because of its inability to submit the nuclear programs of all countries of the region without exception monitoring and international inspections "in an allusion to Israel or opposing " the attempts of any country in the region to possess nuclear weapons "in a reference to Iran. Finally, Ryad also recalls that " the Palestinian question remains for 65 years without payment ."

In these conditions, the heavy weight oil , no way to occupy this seat , as "reforms have not been involved in the governing body of the United Nations ." Given this attitude , Russia said it was " particularly the strange arguments " while Paris said he understood the "frustration" . For the United States, this refusal should not change much . "This is a decision that belongs to them, said Jen Psaki , the spokesman for the State Department . I understand that countries have different reactions , but we continue to work with ( Riyadh ) on issues of common interest. "