Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Russian Ambassador to Palestine Seeks to Level International Power Dynamics

   The Russian ambassador to the state of Palestine, Alexander Rudakov, spoke to Palestinian intellectuals and politicians on Thursday, about Russia’s hope for increasing its presence in the said that Middle East generally, and Palestine specifically.  Russia’s support of the Palestinian state is in accordance with the its vision of reinforcing international legitimacy resolutions and leveling international power dynamics. PNN/ Exclusive

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s policy seeks to ease tensions in the Middle East region through establishing the stability and unity of the lands.  Rudakov added that the Russia hopes to convert the Middle East into a stable zone. 
Recently, Russia has played an important and central role in the Middle East, especially regarding the Syrian crisis.  Moscow halted Washington’s efforts to invade & attack the Syrian regime.  The Russian decision to stop the American war on Syria is part of Russia’s central policy of diminishing American hegemony.
He went on to criticize Washington’s policies of military interference in the Arab world. 
About the Palestinian Case:
The discussion session which was organized by the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society in the Holy Land was commenced with a welcoming words by the chairman Daoud Maattar.  He welcomed the Russian ambassador and the audience , saying that his society plays an important role in reinforcing relations between Russia and Palestine in the fields of culture, literature and politics.
Rudakov said that his country supports the Palestinian-Israeli peace negotiations, and that Russia stands with the international Quartet in establishing a Palestinian state according to UN resolutions and 1967 borders. 
He stressed that Russia has contributed to convincing many countries to recognize Palestine, and Russia will continue to work on strengthening the political weight of the negotiations, through the support of projects and partnerships, including a new shopping mall and sports center in Bethlehem and Russian language classes so that Palestinians are able to complete their higher education in Russia. 
Mattar added that the organization will organize trips from Russia to Palestine.  At the end of the session, the audience of intellectuals, writers and Palestinian politicians engaged in a discussion.