Saturday, October 19, 2013

Radical Conservatives : Tea Party preys on moderate Republicans

Washington - After their defeat in the U.S. budget dispute the Tea Party movement brings out the counter attack . Several ultra-conservative groups announced the end of the week to assist in the Republican primary for Senate candidates battle . The fight against the federal health care program Obama is not over yet, they said.

Tea Party supporters in the House of Representatives had coupled its approval of budget laws of limitations of the health program and put the government in Washington to the brink of insolvency . This was delayed on Thursday by the mediation of moderate Republicans in the Senate , at least.
Two of moderate senators must now prevail against conservative rival candidates before the midterm elections in November 2014. The Club for Growth and the Senate Conservatives Fund announced to face in Mississippi behind the Tea Party followers Chris McDaniel as an alternative to Senator Thad Cochran . Cochran had voted for the compromise that ended the week-long stalemate to the U.S. budget . McDaniel will struggle " to stop Obamacare to establish a balanced budget and to get America working again ," said the Senate Conservatives Fund. This also announced to work in Kentucky for Matt Bevin , who competes in the primaries against the minority leader Mitch McConnell .

The Club for Growth and the Senate Conservatives Fund belong to the ultra-conservative groups that support the Tea Party supporters among Republicans with money and influence. The club is held responsible to have brought his budget proposals recommendations to case. The founder of the Funds , the former Senator Jim DeMint , announced Friday in a comment in the " Wall Street Journal " further political attacks on moderate Republicans . The headline was titled " We do not give in to Obamacare ."

Hunting party friends

The struggle within the party continues on Twitter. Since it hails the compromise there insults and threats against the 27 senators and 87 deputies of the Republicans who voted for the agreement . The operator of the platform tweeting on Thursday a list of 114 politicians and sided it with the note : " Your 2014 # RINO hunting list" RINO is an acronym for " Republican In Name Only " ( Republicans In Name Only ) , "hunting list" can be combined with " open season " translating .
The head of another ultra-conservative organization called FreedomWorks , Matt Kibbe , warned in the face of anger among Tea Party supporters over the moderate Republicans of a split in the party. In the U.S., the deputies are elected directly by the people , not by party lists . A whip does not exist.

In November every two years in 2014 as one-third of the Senate and the entire House of Representatives to vote. Whether the radical Tea Party followers can then enforce , is currently more than questionable. A survey by the prestigious Pew Research Center from this week showed that public approval for the Tea Party has fallen to its lowest level since its electoral success in the House of Representatives in 2010. According to a survey of AP- GfK even 70 percent of Americans have no good opinion of the movement.