Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Beijing looking for bombers Tiananmen

Tiananmen Square on Monday.
Chinese media have ignored the suicide bombing that killed 5 people and wounded 38 Monday in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. The few newspapers that speak , as the China Daily, reported a " car accident ." On Monday, a Jeep 4X4 guy had forced a passage on a sidewalk along the Forbidden City through the crowds of tourists, before hitting a barrier and ignite under the portrait of Mao.

The attack appears to have been perpetrated by Uighur rebels. An arrest warrant was issued by the Beijing police against two potential accomplices whose names are sounding Uygur . They are from Xinjiang ( a Chinese word that literally means "New Frontier "). This huge semi- desert region bordering Afghanistan and Pakistan is rich in natural resources, has a population of 8 million Turkic-speaking Uighurs , a Muslim, who constitute 46% of the population.

Text of the arrest warrant : "Order immediate stop and search vehicles both illegal ( ... ) related to the serious incident today in Beijing (...) belonging to the suspects and Youssef Youssef Ashanti Oumarniaz ... "

According to the arrest warrant , one of the suspects lives in Lukeqin - a city which was the scene in June of a commando operation against separatist Uighur Chinese police . According to the official version of events, "a crowd of rioters armed with knives " had attacked the police station at dawn. Nine police officers and eight other people were stabbed at first , before the police opened fire , killing one of the attackers. The other suspect , and this is probably not a coincidence, just Pishan , a town where seven "terrorists" were killed in 2011 by the Chinese army .

Five suspicious vehicles

Other attacks are not excluded. The police, who set up roadblocks yesterday and searched hotels in Beijing, is looking for four vehicles registered in Xinjiang - something quite extraordinary for Beijing 3000 kilometers away from this region . This could mean that the cash Jeep that was used in the attack , five suspicious vehicles have done this long road to carry out attacks .

The relationship between the Turkic Uighurs and the Communist regime , which invaded Xinjiang in 1950 , have always been tense. Aboriginal tried twice in the 40s , to establish an independent republic and separatist aspiration persisted since . It is enhanced with an influx of Han settlers ( Chinese strain ) from the 2000s.

The Chinese army is now found in Xinjiang in a situation comparable to that , lately , the French army in Algeria . A relentless policy of cultural and linguistic assimilation Beijing , mass arrests and executions of Uighurs suspected of "terrorism" , they respond with attacks on everything that represents the Chinese authority . Since the anti- Chinese riots in Urumqi ( 197 deaths in 2009) , there is hardly a day goes by without this undeclared war makes new victims. The Chinese press is actually however almost never echo. When she speaks, it is to denounce "terrorists" or " manipulated by foreign jihadists ."