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Shootout: The Tea Party on the dock -

Shootout: The Tea Party on the dock

LEMONDE.FR with AFP | 09.01.11 | 9:09 p.m. • Updated 09.01.11 | 9:45 p.m.

Des habitants de Tucson témoignent de leur opposition à la violence devant le bureau de Gabrielle Giffords, samedi.
Residents of Tucson show their opposition to violence outside the office of Gabrielle Giffords , Saturday. AP / Chris Morrison
The shooting in which a parliamentary democrat, Gabrielle Giffords, was seriously injured and killed six people Saturday in Arizona, has outraged the American left. Without knowing if this act is political, Democrats have denounced the "poisonous rhetoric" of ultraconservative.

Democratic Senator of Illinois Richard Durbin held Sunday, January 9, on CNN, that some hardline movement's slogans "Tea Party" parliamentary elections in November could cause "unstable people to think that Such violence is acceptable " . Several videos found on the internet seem to attest to the fact that the shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, was mentally disturbed .
Gabrielle Giffords, âgée de 40 ans, était entrée au Congrès en janvier 2007.
Gabrielle Giffords, aged 40, entered Congress in January 2007. AP / Susan Walsh
He then cited the formulas used by Sarah Palin , the face of the American right, against the Parliamentary victim of the attack, Gabrielle Giffords, who saved his seat narrowly in Arizona against a candidate " Tea Party " .
M me Palin had told supporters: "Do not back off, reload" (your arms) or "look at the electoral districts as targets in the sights" . She then defended the use of slogans to use a metaphor to explain the electoral battle.
Illustration of the very colorful rhetoric of Tea Party , a campaign poster, distributed by the Political Action Committee Sarah Palin, showed a map dotted with American rifles sights:
Une affiche de campagne montre une carte de l'Amérique émaillée de viseurs de fusils.
A campaign poster shows a map of America riddled with rifle sights. DR
While refusing to establish a direct connection between M I and this attack Palin, Senator Durbin, who spoke of "poisonous rhetoric" , said the press should feel obliged to say that such slogans "out of hand" .
Gabrielle Giffords, who supported the reform of Medicare, was part of elected officials who had received threats in the first three months of 2010, when the reform was debated. In March, the windows of his home in Tucson had been smashed by unknown just hours after the adoption of the reform.
The Republican senator from Tennessee, Lamar Alexander has dismissed the suggestion that M me Palin could be indirectly responsible for the shooting, while appealing against political violence. "We must be very cautious as to impute the actions of a mentally deranged individual to a particular group of Americans who have their own political beliefs " , he said, interviewed on CNN.
The senator also noted that the shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, 22, read Karl Marx and Hitler and burned the American flag , "which does not fit the typical profile of a member of the Tea Party" .
Sarah Palin, en juillet 2006.
Sarah Palin, in July 2006. AP / Al Grillo
Sarah Palin had issued Saturday a brief message on Facebook, with its "sincere condolences" to victims of the shooting. Rebecca Mansour, who worked in his campaign team, defended itself Sunday from any responsibility for the attack. "We have absolutely nothing to do with it" , she said in a radio broadcast.
Gabrielle Giffords, the target of harsh criticism of the "Tea Party" including his opposition to a controversial law on immigration - his constituency is the Mexican border - and his support for reform of health of President Barack Obama , had received numerous threats during his campaign, said the Washington Post .

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  • Graphisto 01h26
    Obviously, the Republicans stir up hatred verbally, and after apologizing. Evil hypocrites. They know very well that it costs nothing to insult first and then say "Excuse me". Other people also quite happy to apologize, which the Israelis shoot Palestinian civilians: "Oh, excuse us, we would not have to kill you. Oh, it's already done, you're dead?" Sorry. " Reply

  • einszgp 01h03
    yes it is a well known phenomenon: the hysterical curses (t-party) as it hit the fragile minds can produce those acts of madness, especially in a country or is maintained (the NRA) the worship of weapons. Americans to get off their cloud and remedy in place to always post to give lessons in democracy. Reply

  • Claude Boisnard 00h43
    without knowing whether this is a political act? What do you mean? Reply

  • Cassandre 09/01/11 - 23h22
    Sarah Palin is crazy steep, but it also represents the worst of America, otherwise interesting and helpful. The murderer named, when with him, may in his psychological state of disrepair have been handled more directly by delusions and hate permanent "Tea Party" and other "Faux News". There will be investigations, wait and see. Reply

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Shootout: The Tea Party on the dock -