He succeeds Arnold "The Governator" Schwarzenegger, who sat in office for seven years.

Brown, who is 72 years old, has also served as governor of California in two periods earlier. He began in 1975, before the current limit of two terms was statutory. Thus he is both the youngest and oldest who has been governor of the state.

Tough times

Brown won the state election in November with promises to restore balance to the California economy. The state now has a debt of 28 billion dollars, almost 170 billion, writes said.

In the inauguration speech, Brown was aware that it will cost to rebuild the economy.

- The budget I will present is going to be painful, but honest. There will be a tough budget for tough times, "Brown said during the inauguration Monday night.

The case is proceeding under the image.

Etter sju år som guvernør i California er det nå slutt for «The Governator», Arnold Schwarzenegger. FOTO: SCANPIX/AFP

After seven years as governor of California is now the end of "The Governator", Arnold Schwarzenegger. Reuters / AFP

Let the video on Twitter

Former actor and action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger at his side ended the career of Governor-real filmstjernevis.

Last day at work he put out a video on Twitter that he lights a cigar, turn out the lights and leaves the office.

Watch the video here

While the 63-year-old is in the box thinking to figure out what to work on further, the state of the debate about his legacy as governor.

Schwarzenegger gets praise from several quarters for its environmental policy agenda. He has also been implemented election reform that takes power from the political parties, and has initiated a number of projects involving roads, bridges and water supply.

Critics of Schwarzenegger goes first and foremost that he has not managed to reduce California's huge budget deficit. He has also laid out with the Republican Party after he backed the party's candidates in this fall's election.

I´ll be back?

Yet it is not certain that his political career is over.

In a meeting with editors of the Los Angeles Times before Christmas, said Schwarzenegger "yes" to questions whether he would have taken a job in the Barack Obama government. He suggested even what kind of power and memory, among other things, about his commitment to the environment. He also told me that whatever he plans to go to Washington - along with Ronald Reagan's former Secretary of State George Shultz - to push for a new energy policy that Democrats and Republicans stand together.

Earlier, Schwarzenegger hinted that he would consider resuming his movie star career. He has also said that he will spend time on the fight against climate change.