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Helmets launches new political project in Asturias from hard attacks PP York Times

Helmets launches new political project in Asturias from hard attacks PP

Former Minister of Development shows your availability to follow in the first policy in the Principality during a press conference in which he explained why "ethical" and "political" for leaving his former party

JAVIER QUARTERS - Oviedo - 02/01/2011

Francisco Alvarez-Cascos is willing to lead a candidate, regardless of the PP, as President of Asturias, on 22 May if the social sector that has supported so far supported him in what is now called "a great challenge for spirits courageous. " "It is time to turn emotion into action. Now it defend Asturias, which is not to defend our interests but the future of a country," he proclaimed at a news conference at a hotel in Oviedo.

Highly critical of the national leadership of the PP, which accused him of having left the "defenseless" against the insults of popular Asturian Cascos said the party president, Mariano Rajoy, had expressed his conviction that he should be Topping the list of PP in the Principality. But "the national leadership of the PP Asturias give a damn," he said.

The former secretary general of the Popular Party for a decade and whose membership dropped yesterday affiliate after 34 years, not having been accepted as a candidate for popular election for president of Asturias, reiterated in a hotel in the Asturian capital his " availability "to attend the May regional elections regardless of which so far was his training and that has caused low as" irreversible. " Alvarez-Cascos This opens the way for a new split in the right Asturias.

Materialize, will be the second regional breakdown of the PP force Helmets thirteen. The reason, in 1998, was expelled from the PP when the then President of Asturias, his old friend Sergio Marques, who thereupon promoted URAS, party now in league with the Spaniard PAS. And since then, the justification of the new division is argued by the defense of Asturias, with a discourse of regional biases. Helmets, five times today Asturias referred to as "country", stated that "any resemblance to what happened in 1998 is purely coincidental."

Ruled by the PP as head of the list to the Principality, is now Alvarez-Cascos, once-powerful "number two" of the PP, who is willing to go all the way in efforts to promote a new political alternative in Asturias: "So far went to the tow of a tide, pulled by many voices that promoted a ticket which I headed. But I was not pushing or pulling. I kept dragging. I only expressed my availability. Now repeat. But before I came last, and slipstream of others, now I will be the last to retire. "

In that effort does not stop the event that the division of the center-right electorate to favor the PSOE, which has ruled Asturias for 23 of the 27 years of autonomy: "I do not know. I have not measured, I have never in my decisions measured the costs of elections, "he replied.

Highly critical of the national leadership of the PP, Cascos stated that "it has become abundantly clear that at present the national leadership of the PP, Asturias give a damn." "The last thing relevant is what happened with my helplessness as militant," said former Deputy Prime Minister. "The most serious is the neglect shown to thousands of militants CP Asturias, Asturian to many different professions and ideologies along these months have been expressed in one way or another his opinion, and from Asturias as a whole. The needs and general interests of Asturias have cared much less than other interests of the members of the national leadership of the PP, and most of its national president, said, referring to Mariano Rajoy.

Helmets avoided ruling on the suitability of Rajoy ("I'm not in the PP and that should be decided by those who are affected") and only came to the passage of the opinions expressed in the network by the Deputy Secretary of Communications of the PP, Esteban González Pons. In his profile on Facebook González Pons stated that "the difficult decision on the application of Asturias is identical to thousands of decisions on applications" that helmets "took as general secretary (sometimes hit and sometimes not) and all agree that the take (. ..) Being a party is to accept what is decided so as accepted "when he ran, he added, Alvarez-Cascos. Today, it reminded him that one of the beneficiaries of their appointments was Mariano Rajoy.

"Inhibition even against" the national leadership of the National Commission of Rights after four successive complaints between July and November by improper and attacks by their opponents in the Asturian PP, and, according Helmets, decided the march party today is "unprecedented." "There was no acknowledgment, not a call to order and not to repeat. The complaints were blocked. It's like a football game with no cards. It is clear that the referee would not intervene," complained Helmets as a trigger for its refusal to continue in the ranks of the party who was one of his references in recent decades.

All this, and reward and reward for their attackers is the proclamation of the mayor Isabel Pérez-Espinosa Oviedo as a candidate in the Principality, involves, according to the former secretary general of the PP, a situation that had no way out other than his departure. But this will not involve his resignation to return to the first line of active politics, as confirmed today by an act which can be interpreted as the foundation of a new political movement: "There are many people with whom I have contracted a debt . Before my availability was for the PP and now it is for a group of Asturian have mobilized and motivated me. I have received more support and messages of encouragement than I had imagined it. "

Cascos, who maintained a relaxed and friendly tone and a smiling countenance, said no details of his proposed candidacy, whose formalization depends, he said, the support that is between those who until now have cheered and encouraged to return to active politics . "The commitment, the reference is to those who share with me this desire and this enthusiasm, courage and desire to work." It said, "a huge challenge to our country return to the first division of politics and the Spanish economy."

This task is to roll over now. To make counts and backbone forces a move that so far was presented as a sum of wills spontaneous volunteers. "Beyond gratitude, had and have with all of them a duty of responsibility in the commitment to promote a shift in the political landscape of Asturias."

"What happened in recent days has not affected in the slightest to my willingness to tackle the task of restoring the pride of Asturias, and I hesitated a minute to keep to all who still believe I can be useful to add in so honorable project, "he explained Helmets. "It's worth the effort to recover the pride of Asturias. For me it will be," he said.

Helmets launches new political project in Asturias from hard attacks PP York Times