Thursday, January 13, 2011

Alonso: "The one that scares me is Schumacher" York Times

Alonso: "The one that scares me is Schumacher"

The Spaniard believes the rule changes in Formula 1 will complicate the conduct and considers it vital to work in teams with Massa

ORIOL PUIGDEMONT - Madona di Campiglio - 13/01/2011
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    It's two months to start a new Formula 1 World Championship and the headquarters of the various teams are working at full capacity to try to get ready as soon as the first versions of the cars that will be on the grid Bahrain Grand Prix , the next March 13. In Maranello, engineers and technicians from Ferrari are doing everything possible to adapt the car of Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa to the new regulations come into force and which has forced them to turn around the F10. The Spaniard leads from Monday at the ski resort of Madonna di Campiglio , an idyllic setting in the Dolomites, with her neighbor workshop and the two Ducati riders, Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden. This morning, before putting on skis, Alonso has analyzed the championship is coming and has highlighted what the road map that the Scuderia will continue to try to get a crown that resists the past four years. To achieve this, the Spanish considered key hit in the development of the car and work alongside Massa.
    Fernando Alonso

    Fernando Alonso



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    "Our goal, as always, is to fight for both titles, the drivers 'and constructors'," said Alonso, who did not want to elaborate too much about these days fireball that is cooked in the innards from Maranello. "Last year I got the team on January 1 and the car was finished. Some of the changes then made on the fly, as the elements of the cabin, the steering wheel and other devices, this time we have been able to enter input and more natural ", has qualified.
    All indications are that the new Ferrari will have nothing to do with the F10, the previous prototype, due to modifications that engineers have had to design according to the new regulation. Beyond the change of supplier of tires (Bridgestone Pirelli leads), Alonso believes determining the new adjustable rear wing, introduced by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) to encourage overtaking. "The new system a little more complicated because we have to activate driving the steering wheel. Will have to achieve automation of the operation of these devices," said the corridor of red fireballs. The brand opened a new simulator for less than a year, but for now, drivers can only test the activation procedure of this wing, but without having any effect on the screen.
    Alonso has also evaluated the options of his rivals and of them all wanted to highlight to Michael Schumacher, a fact that has surprised the audience. "Right now, before starting, that scares me the most is Michael. He has won seven titles and nobody will doubt his quality when driving. If you have a good car for the title fight," said double world champion with Renault (2005 and 2006), who wanted to emphasize the good relationship with Massa and the need, as partners, have each other. "We have to be a pilot split into two people to try to move the car as best we can. When I'm behind the computer blindly trust what you are doing it," Alonso has settled, it will be the first to get the new prototype. Will be next one in the Cheste circuit when you can begin to gauge who has worked harder and better during the winter.

    Alonso: "The one that scares me is Schumacher" York Times