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Julian Assange, Man of the Year for "Le Monde" -

Julian Assange, Man of the Year for "Le Monde"

La "une" du "Monde Magazine" daté 25 décembre.

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Julian Assange , co-founder of Wikileaks, was appointed by the World Man of the Year 2010. Sylvie Kauffmann, managing editor, explains this choice:

Below is an excerpt from the portrait enshrined The World Magazine in its edition of December 25, Julian Assange:
Tall, slim, elegant, Julian Assange, founder and owner of Wikileaks, needed first to his interlocutors as a talented orator, a deep voice and asked, knowing how to handle the rigor, humor, emotion, but also sarcasm. Watching him work, we discover a gifted professional, ultra-efficient: as soon as he starts a project, he devoted himself totally night and day, until exhaustion.
When asked what exactly in life, his answer is long, but said: "I am an activist, journalist, programmer software cryptography expert, specializing in systems designed to protect human rights of the man. " WikiLeaks, a site devoted to disclosing confidential documents, is the fruit of this unique blend of skills acquired during a life uncommon.
Born in 1971 in a small city in Australia, Julian Assange had a nomadic childhood as his mother traveled nonstop across the country. As a teenager, he discovered the computer networks and became a hacker, activist and freedom of expression. By dint of taking risks, he was arrested and charged with piracy, but he escaped with a fine.
His private life was equally turbulent. At 18, he set up housekeeping with a young daughter. The young couple has a child, but separated soon after. Julian Assange began a legal battle for custody of the child, who becomes a crusade against the social services in Australia.
Meanwhile, he started studying math and physics, before returning to the computer. He became a programmer, then creates a leading Australian Internet service providers. At the same time, he traveled the world and discover the countries where freedom of speech does not exist. He returned convinced that full transparency is the most effective weapon against tyranny.
In 2006, he founded Wikileaks, secure and encrypted site that lets people to denounce scandals while remaining anonymous. Soon, he managed to gather around him a small international army of geeks and journalists volunteers.
In early 2007, Wikileaks is ready. Within months, he meets an unexpected success in the world. The life of Julian Assange rocker. He first became a globe-trotter permanent, then a global media star. In 2010, the battle changes scale when he revealed military secrets and diplomatic belonging to the United States. Since it tackles the leading world power, his life will be complicated greatly.
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Julian Assange, Man of the Year for "Le Monde" -